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Handmade high-quality lady elegant bag, which can be worn for any occasion. Collection of high-quality elegant lady bags comes only in red color. Each bag is specific art once it’s handmade. We listen to your needs and so we added some innovative elements. Now I. Smart bag hand-bag is not only elegant and good looking, but in accessing to your devices anytime you need.

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Take a deep breath and feel the passion of fashion and innovation of Alkassiri handbag.  Handmade high-quality lady elegant bag, which can be worn for any occasion. Because of the space inside the bag you will feel comfortable wearing it everyday for any business meeting. Your tablet, smartphone, accessories needed for your everyday tasks even laptop 15,6 will perfectly fit into the bag.  Collection of high-quality elegant lady bags come in two colors, red and black. Each bag is specific art once it’s handmade. The bag is unique and comes from specific design, which is protected by intellectual property. Every original piece has its own signed certificate. The tech ladies bag is designed for having all your electric devices near to your hands any time you need them.  We combine the elegant style with practical use.  

Size (cm): W 39.5 x H28.5 x D11

Material: Synthetic nubuck with surface treatment.

Synthetic Leather 
Naturally water-repellent Generally lighter 
 Higher breathability Highly supportive upper

Nubuck Buffed down full-grain leather that resembles the fineness of suede. It’s resistant to water and abrasion, with greater flexibility but lesser durability than full-grain leather.

Synthetic Made from a number of synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, PU and “synthetic leather.” Typically, lighter than leather and less expensive however these tend to absorb water and you will need to rely on a waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry. Usually vegan-friendly.

Interested in reading more about Synthetic nubuck VS Leather? Click on the link here. 


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